Life Cycle of an Assessment in an Engagement

Every asset that is added as a part of an engagement will be considered as an assessment which needs to be carried out. So if 5 assets are added as scope for an engagement, it means that 5 assessments will be created for that engagement. At any given point of time, an assessment can have any one of the following status:

  • Assessment Scheduled - This means that the security assessment is yet to begin.
  • Assessment In-Progress - This means that the security assessment is ongoing.
  • Assessment Complete - This means that the security assessment is complete.
  • Retest Requested - This means that you have raised a retest request which will be carried out by the Strobes team.
  • Retest In-Progress - This means that the Strobes team has started retesting the fixed issues.
  • Retest Complete - This Means that the assessment is now 100% complete.
  • Assessment On-hold - This means that the assessment is currently on-hold.



The status of the assessments needs to be updated by the respective stakeholders as the assessment progresses through different stages.

Based on the Status of the assessment and the number of assessments an engagement has, the status of completion is also displayed in the Engagements page.


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