Bulk Updating Vulnerability Custom Fields Using CSV

If you need to update the values of various custom fields through a CSV upload, you can use the 'Upload CSV' option under the 'Edit Fields' option.

  • Navigate to the 'Vulnerabilities' page.
  • Select atleast one vulnerability and click on 'Edit Fields'.

  • Select the 'Upload CSV' option.

  • Download the sample csv file. This file will contain the custom fields which you have defined as headers.
  • Enter the IDs of the vulnerabilities and enter the values against those vulnerabilities that you need to update.

  • Now map the custom fields against the columns in the CSV file and click on 'Save'.
    NOTE: The 'id' option will be available by default but it should not be mapped to any custom fields

  • The value of the custom fields for the provided Vulnerability IDs will be updated.
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