Engagement Summary

The following sections are present under engagement summary:

  1. Summary - Under this section you can find a summary of the engagement. A user who has access to the engagement in question will be able to add/update the summary. This field is intended for one of the user's to enter a summary about the engagement.

  2. Scope - This section displays what are all the assets which are a part of the scope along with the status of the assessments, the start date, the end date, the number of hours spent on each assessment and the team members.

  3. Overview - This section displays the breakdown of the vulnerabilities severity wise and state wise.
    The displayed severities are the following:
    - Critical
    - High
    - Medium
    - Low
    - Info

    The displayed states are the following:
    - Open
    - Closed

  4. OWASP classification - This section displays the breakdown of vulnerabilities reported in an engagement which belong to different categories of OWASP and also the breakdown of how many vulnerabilities are open and closed.

  5. Vulnerability Details - This sections displays the list of all the vulnerabilities reported in an engagement.

Downloading Engagement Summary

  • Navigate to the 'Engagements' page and click on 'View Summary'.
  • Now click on 'Download'. The engagement summary report will get generated for you.

  • If you also need to include the log hours in the engagement summary report, then select the option to 'include logged hours to the report'.

  • Navigate to the 'Reports' tab under that engagement and you will find the generated reports.

  • Click on 'Download' to download the summary report.







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