Configuring Azure Repos Credential Manager

This article explains how to configure Azure Repos credentials within the Strobes platform.

Generating an Azure DevOps Personal Access Token

  • Navigate to your Azure DevOps organization and click on 'User Settings'.

  • Click on 'Personal Access Tokens'.

  • Now click on 'New Token'.

  • Provide a name for your token and select when the token is supposed to Expire.
  • Under 'Scopes', select 'Custom Defined' and select the 'Read' option under the 'Code' scope. This is the only required permission. 

  • Click on 'Create' and your PAT token will be generated. Save the PAT token, which will be used while creating the credential manager configuration within Strobes.


Configuring Azure Repos Credentials In Strobes

  • Navigate to 'Settings' and click on 'Credential Manager'.

  • Click on 'Add Credential'.
  • Now select your connector as 'Azure Repos'.

  • Enter a 'Name' for your configuration, and enter your Azure DevOps Organization URL and the generated 'Personal Access Token'.

  • Click on 'Save' and your Azure Repos credentials will get saved.


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