OSS Patches

The patches page displays the following information:

  • Vulnerable Packages : All the vulnerable packages in your organization are listed out.
  • Affected Assets : The list of assets that are affected by the vulnerable packages.
  • Fixed Version : The highest fixed version for a package that will resolve multiple vulnerabilities.
  • Findings Count : The number of findings in each vulnerable package.
  • Ticket ID : If a Jira ticket has been created, then the Jira Ticket IDs are listed out.
  • Create Ticket : An option to create tickets for individual packages or an option to bulk create tickets for multiple packages at once.

Creating Tickets

The following are the steps for creating tickets from the patches page:

  • Navigate to the Patches page under the OSS page.

  • Now either click on the 'Create Ticket' option for individual packages or select multiple packages and then click on 'Create Ticket'.

  • Select the appropriate options in the Jira Configuration and click on 'Submit'.

Note : While creating tickets, by default, a single ticket will be created for each package with the highest fix version of the package being recommended.

More about how to create Jira configuration here.

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