Introducing Strobes

Strobes is a risk-centered vulnerability management platform that allows organizations to do vulnerability management at scale. The platform comes with a rich feature set such as ML-based auto-deduplication and threat intel-based prioritization that helps your teams narrow down the focus in mitigating the top most critical vulnerabilities.

It also aggregates vulnerabilities from multiple sources; be it vulnerability scanners, internal security teams, external security vendors, or bug bounty platforms to provide you with a single consolidated view of all the findings.

Thanks to seamless integration with various security scanners and IT tools, you can create security workflows to automate vulnerability detection, prioritization, and reporting to help you mitigate the right set of critical vulnerabilities that carry high business impact.

The leadership team is provided with access to 5 types of dashboards that translates complex KRIs into easy-to-understand graphs and provide much-needed visibility into the organization's risk and security posture.

This is a platform engineered to meet the needs of all the stakeholders in a security engagement.

  • CxOs
  • Product Owners
  • Development Team
  • IT, Compliance, and Patch Management Teams
  • SecOps Engineers
  • Internal Security Team
  • External Security Vendors

Overall, Strobes is a platform that acts as a unified command center enabling you to do vulnerability management with utmost efficiency and achieve a better security posture for your organization.

If you would like to understand more about Strobes and explore its use-cases, head over to

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