Risk Summary

About This Dashboard

Risk Summary dashboard provides the leadership team with all the required metrics for them to understand the current risk and security posture of the organization.

Risk Timeline

The risk timeline chart provides the historical overview of the overall risk score of the organization. With this, you would be able to understand whether your organization's risk is improving over time or getting worse.

Overall Risk Score

Strobes quantify the overall risk of your organization based on open vulnerabilities, the rate at which new vulnerabilities are being reported, the exploit and patch availability ratio, the amount of time that your teams are taking to resolve the vulnerabilities, etc. to provide you with a tangible easy to read metric.

Vulnerability Trend by Priority

This chart compares the total number of vulnerabilities being reported daily with the vulnerabilities whose priority score is over 700. To learn more about prioritization scores, visit the resources section in this article.

Vulnerability Trend by Severity

This chart analyzes the vulnerability trend by severity over a period of time.


Vulnerabilities by Exposure

This chart analyzes the vulnerabilities distributed between private and publicly exposed assets.


Vulnerabilities by State

This chart analyzes the vulnerability distribution based on state.


Vulnerability & CVSS Mapping

This chart maps vulnerabilities with CVSS scores.


Top 10 CVE

This chart shows you the top 10 CVEs that have a high count of vulnerabilities.



If you would like to have your own KRI in this dashboard, please drop in a support ticket or contact your customer success manager.

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