Everything about connectors

What is a connector?

Connectors extend the functionality of 3rd party security and IT tools to the Strobes platform. The connectors can also be considered as integrations with 3rd party tools.



Why use connectors?

Using connectors, you can create security workflows that allow you to schedule or run ad-hoc scans, as well as trigger a security scan remotely directly from your CI/CD pipeline.


Types of connectors

  • DAST Scanners: To scan your web applications from black-box pov
  • SAST Scanners: To audit your codebase
  • Network & Infrastructure Scanners: To scan your networks
  • Cloud Scanners: To scan your cloud environments
  • Container Scanners: To scan your images
  • Asset Discovery: To discover your organization assets on the open internet
  • Asset Inventory: To onboard your asset inventory from 3rd party tools and excel sheets
  • Report Import: To import your old XML or CSV scan reports
  • Bug Tracking: To provide 2-way-sync between sync and your bug tracking tool
  • Notification: To keep you updated with all the activity on Strobes directly to your inbox or communication tools
  • Miscellaneous: Other support tools that help you in onboarding your code repositories, uploading files, etc.


Custom integrations

If you would like to integrate with any tool be it a scanner, security compensatory, or an IT tool, please contact your customer success manager or submit a support ticket. Provided good API support by the vendor, we usually take anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks to build a connector integration.



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