Everything about Report Templates

What are report templates?

Report templates allow you to create your own report format, define the content structure as well as branding and styling of the document. You are provided with necessary placeholders to create a dynamic content structure.

You can use these report template to generate a report of your preference. Strobes by default come with a Default Template. To generate a report based on a report template, visit Asset Management or Vulnerability Management page and click on the Actions button and then click on Generate report with template option.

You are required to provide the report name, select the report template, and any custom fields that you may have defined in the report template. Once you input the details, you can preview and download the report.


How to create a report template?

To create a new report template of your liking, head over to the Reports page, Template Library tab, and click on Add Template button.


You will be redirected to a CMS builder from where you can build the report with drag and drop items.


Here, the top bar is the control panel from where you can control the canvas size, go back, enter full screen, view the raw HTML code, save the report, enter preview mode followed by layers panels.

In the layers panel, you are provided with standard HTML elements such as layout-related blocks, text, link, image elements, etc. as well as dynamic placeholders related to organization, engagement, vulnerabilities, etc.


Once you are done, click on Save. Now you can use this report template to generate reports.

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