How to edit organization details?

The 'Organization Details' page displays your 'Organization Name' and the 'Industry Type' which was selected by the owner while creating the organization. Apart from viewing these details, the following actions can be performed by users of varying privileges. The actions are as follows:

1) Edit Organization

2) Transfer Ownership

3) Delete Organization

4) Leave Organization

The following section explains all the actions in details.

Edit Organization

There are only two details that can be edited under Organization Details. They are the 'Organization Name' and the 'Industry Type'. In order to update these details, a user has to either be the owner of the organization or a manager within the organization.

  • To edit the organization details, navigate to 'Organization Details' under the 'Settings' page and click on 'Edit'.

  • Now enter the updated details that you need to provide. You can edit the following details:
      • Organization Name
      • Billing Address
      • Billing Email Address
      • Revenue
      • Country
      • Industry type

  • Click on 'Save'.
  • Now you can find the updated details under 'Organization Details'.

Transfer Ownership

This action can only be performed by the 'Owner' of the organization. In order to transfer ownership of an organization, atleast one manager has to exist within that organization. Also, ownership can only be transferred to one manager, it is not possible to transfer ownership to multiple managers.

  • To transfer ownership, click on 'Transfer Ownership' under the 'Organization Actions' section.

  • Now choose a manager to whom you wish to transfer the ownership and click on 'Transfer'.

  • The ownership will now be successfully transferred to the selected manager.

Delete Organization

This action also can only be performed by the 'Owner' of the organization. This action is irreversible, and all the data that is a part of the organization will be lost permanently.

  • To delete an organization, click on 'Delete Organization' under the 'Organization Actions' section.
  • You will now be prompted to enter the 'Organization Name' to proceed with the deletion.
  • Enter the organization name and click on 'Delete'.

  • The organization will now be successfully deleted.

Leave Organization

Managers and members can leave the organization at any point of time. But, for an owner to leave the organization, he has to first transfer the ownership to one of the existing managers, and only after that he will be able to leave the organization. If you have to rejoin the organization after you have left, a manager will have to invite you to the organization again using your email address.

  • To leave an organization, click on 'Leave Organization' under the 'Organization Actions' section.

  • Now you will be prompted to choose if you want to leave the organization. Click on 'Leave'.

  • Now you have successfully left the organization.
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