People orchestration with Strobes

Strobes solves the silos among the stakeholders by allowing you to bring everyone under one roof. You can on invite your:

  • Leadership team
  • Product owners
  • Development team
  • IT & patch management team
  • Internal security team
  • External security vendors etc.

With proper access controls in place, you get to decide who has access to what data.



Inviting users to the organization team

  • Navigate to the Teams page and make sure that you are either the owner or manager in the case of the organization team. If you belong to the vendor team or generic team, make sure you are the team admin.
  • Click on the 'Invite member' button.
  • Enter the list of email addresses of the users you want to invite and select a relevant role and hit the invite button.



Provision Access to Organization Members

  • By default, all the teams have access to the asset and vulnerable data in the organization.
  • However, for organization members, you can control who has access to what data.
  • To configure this, invite a user as a member and click on the Assets link.


  • From the modal, select the assets to which you want to provide the access and hit Select to send them an invitation.





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