User roles and permissions

Strobes allow you to provide access to your users based on their roles. For this, there are 3 types of teams.

  • Organization Team
  • Vendor Team
  • Generic Team

Organization Team

This is a team of your stakeholders. This team has 3 types of user roles.

  • Owner: Admin of the organization and has access to everything
  • Manager: A user who is next to the Owner to maintain the organization and has access to everything but cannot perform sensitive actions such as editing the organization details or deleting the organization.
  • Member: A user belonging to the organization team who can only access the assets to which the user was invited.

Permission Matrix

Features Owner Manager Member
Asset Management Yes Yes No
Vulnerability Management Yes Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes No
Settings & Administration Yes No No


Vendor Team

Strobes allow you to book security assessments from your external vendor within the platform. For this, you are required to add them to your organization using their vendor code. Upon adding the vendor code, a vendor team gets created in your organization. This team contains two types of user roles:

  • Vendor Team Admin: The admin of the vendor team has the right to invite the team members and assign engagements to them.
  • Vendor Team Member: Pentesters who have access to just the engagements that they are responsible for.


Generic Team

For onboarding your internal security team, external security vendors, development team, IT team, etc, you can create a team and invite a stakeholder for the team. The rest of the members can be invited by the team admin. The generic teams have access to all the assets and vulnerable data.

  • Team Admin
  • Team Member
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