How to modify data log retention period?

After your organization gets onboarded onto Strobes and you start to use the different scanners available, several tasks will get generated within Strobes (more about tasks here). For every task that is running, logs will get generated which looks like the following.


These logs are stored within Strobes.

Apart from scanners, reports can be generated for the vulnerabilities identified using scanners or manually, and these reports also get stored within Strobes.

Using the 'Data Retention' functionality within Strobes, you can choose for how long you wish to have the logs and reports stored within Strobes. It has to be noted that the 'Member' user role will not be able to edit the data retention policy. The 'Manager' user role and the 'Owner' of an organization can perform this action.


Click on Edit, update the number of days value as per your requirement and click on Save.


You also have an option whether to retain the logs or auto-delete them.

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