How to run a network scan using Nexpose or Nessus with Strobes?


Strobes provide support for the two industry-leading network scanners. i.e. Rapid7 Nexpose and Tenable Nessus.

This article talks about how you can connect either of these scanners with Strobes, bring its results onto the platform and other vulnerability management features that Strobes provide for you to better manage the results.

As the connection flow is similar for both the scanners, I am gonna pick Nessus as a reference to show you the user flow.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • A prerequisite you have before you directly interact with either of the connectors is that you need to add the credentials first.
  • To do so, visit the Credential Manager page under the Settings page.
  • Click on Add credential and select Nessus.
  • Provide your Nessus console URL, and its credentials and hit the Save button.

  • Once you add the credentials successfully, you can go ahead and create a scan configuration.
  • In Step 1, you are required to provide the configuration name and select the credential.


  • In Step 2, you are asked to select the asset source. Strobes support scanning of assets on its own platform as well as on the assets present in the Nessus platform.
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