How to connect Jira?


Jira connector on the Strobes platform is a 2-way sync integration that enables the exchange of ticket or vulnerability information between Strobes and Jira. A change on the vulnerability or the ticket on either of the platforms will result in updating the information at both places.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • Login into Strobes
  • Navigate to the connectors page and click on Jira connector
  • In Step One, select your Jira Credentials from the dropdown or create a new credential


  • In Step Two, you are required to select the Jira Project to which you want to submit the scan results from Strobes, and map the other details as state and severity per your business need. This is to enable the 2-way sync between Strobes and Jira.
  • Click Submit
  • You have now successfully created the Jira Configuration which can be used during other connectors configuration creation
  • You can also send the vulnerabilities directly from the View Bug page to your Jira project


Setting-up JIRA Credentials in Credential Manager

In order to set up a Jira credential on Strobes, you need to configure the application link on the Jira dashboard. Please follow the steps:


User Flow Instructions:

  • Login in to your Jira account as an administrator
  • Navigate to Application Links under Settings > Products
  • Enter the strobes hosted URL into the text box and create a new link.


  • In the popup, enter the Application Name as Strobes and click Continue.


  • You have now successfully configured the application link for Strobes


  • Now, you need to set up the Incoming Authentication for this application link. For this, click on the Edit icon as shown below


  • From the popup, navigate to Incoming Connections. Here, you need to fill in the following details:
    • Consume Key - Enter strobes in this field
    • Consumer Name - Enter strobes in this field
    • Public Key
    • Redirect URL

  • You can get Public Key and Redirect URL from the Credential Manager with Jira connector selected in the Strobes dashboard.


  • Now you are ready to set up a Credential Manager for Jira in Strobes.
  • You need to provide the following parameters to this Credential Manager
    • Name - This will be the name that you want to give to your credential manager
    • URL   - This will be the URL of your Jira instance
  • Once you have submitted the following details, a Jira pop-up will appear asking you to read and write access to your Jira instance.


  • Click Allow
  • You have successfully created a credential manager for Jira which can be used while adding a new configuration.

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