How to setup Gitleaks connector?


Git Leaks is a SAST tool for detecting hard-coded secrets such as passwords, API keys, and tokens in your Git repositories.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • Login into Strobes
  • Visit your organization
  • Go to Connectors
  • Click on Git Leaks 
  • In Step One, enter your Configuration Name, select the Baseline and click Next

  • In Step Two, select your code repository, an asset to which you want to associate the bugs to, and also define how frequently you want to initiate a scan using GitLeaks; and click Next


  • In Step 3, you have the option to log the scan results into your ticketing platforms as well as get the scan alerts to your communication tools. Select the appropriate options based on your business need and click Submit.


  • You have now successfully created the configuration for Git Leaks.
  • Click on New Scan to initiate the scan.


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