Import assets in bulk using CSV

Strobes make it easy for you to import your asset inventory using a CSV file. In order to import your assets using a CSV file, there needs to be atleast one asset in the file.


Usage flow instructions

  • Log in and navigate to the Connectors page
  • Click on the Asset Inventory category


  • Click on Import Assets from CSV connector


  • Scroll down to download the sample CSV template file


  • Open the sample file and fill in your asset inventory details


  • Make sure to fill in all the details as per the labels provided in Step One
  • Once your file is ready, go to Step Two and upload your CSV file


  • You have the option of merging assets mentioned in the CSV file with the assets on the Strobes platform if they are found to be duplicate
  • You can merge the assets based on Mac Address, Hostname, and IP
  • Once you are done with the above steps, click on the Upload button
  • Strobes will consider this as an Import task and will add it to the queue
  • You can look at the status from the Tasks page



  • Once the processing is done, Strobes imports all the assets from the CSV file into the platform
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