Import assets from Nessus or Nexpose


Strobes make it easy for you to import all the assets from your Nessus scans and Nexpose sites. The flow is similar for both of the tools. In this article, we will try to import assets from a Nexpose site as an example.


Usage flow instructions

  • Before you start, make sure you have added your scanner's credential to the Strobes platform.
  • To do that, visit the Credential Manager page under Setting and click on Add Credential.


  • Select Nexpose Manager from the dropdown and provide your console URL along with its credentials and submit the form.


  • Strobes will validate the credentials and create the credential for you to reuse.


  • Now head over to the Asset Inventory category under the Connectors page and click on the Nexpose Asset Inventory connector.
  • In Step One, give your configuration name, select the credential that you have just created and click Next.


  • In Step Two, you have an option to import assets either from a Nexpose site or the Nexpose group.


  • If you would like to add any tags to the assets that you are about to import, enter them into the Tags field.
  • Choose your merge options.
  • You also have an option of auto importing the assets on a regular basis by scheduling the import activity.


  • Once you are done providing the necessary details, click on Submit. Your configuration is created successfully.


  • Click on Sync Now button to start importing all the assets from the site or group.
  • You can also track its status from the Tasks page as well.


  • Once the task is finished, all of your assets will be in Strobes.
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