How to Gather Public Assets of an Organization using Reconx within Strobes


The purpose of Reconx is to gather the public facing assets of an organization. Reconx can be fed with three different types of input based on which it will gather the assets. The inputs which can be passed are the domain name, the subnet range or the Autonomous System Number (ASN). Once the assets are gathered, you can choose whether to populate the new assets into the Strobes dashboard or just view the results of the scan. You can also schedule these scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and Strobes will carry out the scans for you as scheduled.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • Navigate to 'Connectors' and click on 'Asset Discovery'.
  • Click on 'Reconx'.
  • Enter a 'Configuration Name' and click on Next.First.PNG
  • Now enter either a 'Domain name', a 'Subnet Range' or an 'ASN'. (If you are adding an ASN, just the number is not enough. It is not required to add the 'AS-' prefix).domain.PNG
  • Select the agent as 'Strobes Default Agent'. You can also add any tags if you need.Agent.PNG
  • Now you can choose if you want to import the asset into the Strobes dashboard or not and you can also schedule the frequency. (For the sake of demonstration, we are providing the domain name as, we are merging the new assets into the strobes dashboard and we are scheduling the scan on a daily basis).Schedule.PNG
  • Click on 'Submit' and the configuration will be created for you.
  • If you want to initiate the scan independent from the schedule which you have selected, you can click on 'New Scan' and the scan will get initiated.Newscan.PNGScanning.PNG
  • Once the scan is done the identified assets will get populated in the Assets dashboards.Captured.PNG
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