Release Notes 2022-01-10

Strobes App


  • Azure Credential Manager has been added. You can now store your azure credentials on Strobes using Azure credential manager.
  • CloudSploit connector has been added. Cloud providers like AWS and Azure have hundreds of services with thousands of configuration options. CloudSploit audits these services to find the weak points in your infrastructure.


  • An image viewer has been added. Now you can view all the images on Strobes without having to download the image to view it.
  • Assets tags. Now whenever you export your assets an extra field will be added in the exported CSV report which will contain the tags that have been assigned to the assets.
  • Azure category and Azure resource fields have been added to the CSV connector.
  • A field has been added which shows when was an Asset last updated.
  • A saved view by one member of an organization can be shared with all other members within the same organization.
  • Loaders have been added while performing several actions like Bulk delete vulnerabilties/assets, deleting a credential manager etc.

Bug Fixes

  • When an asset type is selected as cloud(for ex AWS) the fields under Submitting vulnerability used to show 'Other' cloud type instead of 'AWS'. This has now been fixed
  • Minor Bug Fixes
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