Release Notes 2022-01-28

Strobes App


  • InsightVM integration has been added. You can now scan network assets for vulnerabilities using InsightVM engine. You can also import all your assets from InsightVM to Strobes


  • Pagination has been added for task logs in the backend and a scrollbar has been added in the frontend. Previously only a few logs were visible after running a scan through the Strobes dashboard. Now you can view all the logs.
  • GraphQL field has been updated. Now while querying scan logs the appropriate connector slug will get displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Error message has been fixed while previewing a report. If more than 1500 vulnerabilities are being exported then an error will be thrown which informs that more than 1500 vulnerabilities cannot be exported.
  • Document attachment issue with the reporting template is now fixed.
  • Minor Bug fixes.




  • Triangulum CLI can now be used to invoke ReconX, Nuclei and MobSF scans.
  • Improvement to Triangulum CLI.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor Bug fixes
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