Smart Close while Importing Reports

In order to utilize the Smart Close feature while importing reporting you will have to create a ‘Vulnerability View’ against which you want to auto-close vulnerabilities. More about views here.


Enabling Smart Auto-Closure while Importing Reports:

For the sake of demonstration we will be using the Nexpose report importer. The same process applies to all the report importers.

  1. Navigate to ‘Report Import’ under ‘Connectors’.
  2. Select ‘Rapid7 Nexpose Import’.
  3. Enter the required details and in the ‘Tags’ field enter a unique tag which can then be used to create a ‘View’. More about tags here.
  4. We are giving the tag input as ‘Servers-Scan’.
  5. Click on Next and upload the report.
  6. Now navigate to ‘Vulnerabilities’ and apply a filter ‘WHERE ASSET TAGS IS Servers-Scan’.

  7. Save that view.

  8. Now when you import a report for the next time, you select the option to ’Smart Close Vulnerabilities’. In order for this to be successful, you will have to select the view which you have created in Step 7. All the vulnerabilities imported will get compared to the vulnerabilities in the selected view and if any of the issues are not present in the latest report, they will be moved to ‘Resolved’ state.

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