Recurring Vulnerability Logging Rules

Once a vulnerability gets resolved, there is a possibility that it might resurface. This usually happens due to code rollback or maybe because the new config might not be working as intended. When a rollback does happen, it means that the vulnerabilities resurface as well. In these kind of scenarios, you can select the vulnerability logging rules which will be followed by the Strobes platform. The logging options are as follows:

  1. Create a new vulnerability ticket - In this case Strobes will create a new vulnerability and the state of the vulnerability will be ‘New’.
  2. Reopen an existing vulnerability ticket that is in Resolved State - In this case Strobes will reopen the vulnerability which was previously moved in the ‘Resolved’ state. The state of the vulnerability will now be ‘New’ once again.

Usage Flow Instructions :

  • Navigate to 'Vulnerability Logging Rules' under 'Settings'.
  • Now select the rules which you want Strobes to follow.
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