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While views are very helpful to apply filters, save those applied filters and share the filters with other team members, Vulnerability View Folders helps you in organizing views in a folder like structure. A realistic usage of this functionality would be that, if you have vulnerabilities reported every quarter for all of your assets, you can group together the vulnerabilities from every quarter under one folder.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • Navigate to 'Vulnerability Management'.


  • Click on 'Options'.mceclip1.png

  • You will be presented with a couple of options. 'Add view folder' and 'Rearrange views'. Add view folder is used to create a new folder and Rearrange views is sued to drag and drop views in and out of view folders.
  • Click on 'Add view folder', enter the name of the folder and click on 'Save'.


  • A folder has now been created for you name 'Combined View'.


  • Now click on 'Options' again and click on 'Rearrange views'.
  • Now you can drag and drop your views into the folders which you have created.


Note: If you as a user have access to only a few views among all the views added into a folder, you will only be able to access the views to which you have access to. Apart from that if a folder is deleted, the views which are a part of that folder will not get deleted, they will simply be placed outside the folders.

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