Release Notes 2022-08-29

Strobes App


  • Strobes is now split into two apps. VM365 and PTAAS.
  • Users can now login using Google OAuth.
  • Users can now login using Microsoft OAuth.
  • Vendor Profile can now be viewed through the PTAAS app.
  • Users can now provide more details about their certifications in their profiles.
  • Now when a CWE is added to a vulnerability, an OWASP category mapping for that CWE is automatically added.
  • Previously an engagement had multiple assets, a change has been made to the flow now and under engagements multiple assessments can be added.
  • Previously a state was present for engagements to track the progress, a change has been made now and assessments have a state instead of engagements. Using the state the progress of assessments as well as engagements as a whole can be tracked.
  • A Vault has now been added to the PTAAS flow. Vault is specific to an engagement using which you can upload documents which are specific to that engagement. Apart from adding documents specific to an engagement, documents can be added in a global vault as well for the organization.
  • Reports can now be uploaded for engagements. 
  • Previously users were able to generate engagement specific reports. It is not possible to generate engagement specific reports anymore, instead assessment specific reports can be generated.
  • Previously engagements did not have a name. It has now been changed and a name can now be provided to an engagement.
  • Engagements can now be searched based on its name.
  • You can now discover your internet facing assets on the PTAAS app by providing your domain name.
  • In the PTAAS app, only the Bug Tracking, Asset Inventory and Notification Tools connectors will be available.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor Bug Fixes
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