Configuring Github Credentials Using Credential Manager

This article explains how to configure Github Credentials within the Strobes platform.

In order to grant access to your Github Organization, you will have to create an OAuth app under 'Developer Settings' under 'Settings' from your account.


Usage Flow Instructions

  • Navigate to 'Credential Manager' under 'Settings' in the Strobes dashboard. 

  • Click on 'Add Credential' and select the connector as 'Github'. A 'Redirect URL' will be generated for you.

  • Now navigate to 'Settings' in your Github account and click on 'Developer Settings'.
  • Create a 'New OAuth App'.
  • Enter a 'Name', for your 'Homepage URL' enter your Strobes Instance URL. In this case the url is ''
  • In the 'Authorization callback URL', enter the 'Redirect URL' which is generated in 'Step 2'.

  • Click on 'Register application' and a 'Client ID' will be generated for you.
  • Click on 'Update application' and now click on 'Generate a new client secret'. A secret will now be generated for you.

  • Navigate back to Strobes, give a name for your credential configuration, and enter the Client ID and Client Secret which you have generated on Github and click on 'Save'.

  • Now you will be prompted to login into your Github account.


  • Login into your account and click on 'Grant' to provide access to your Github organization and click on 'Authorize'.


  • Your Github credentials have been successfully configured with Strobes.
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